nastia_semchenkoPosition: Senior Associate
Saint Petersburg

Corporate Law, Dispute Resolution, Intellectual Property

Phone: +7 (812) 2913712




Saint Petersburg

Education and Qualification

1999–2004 Belarusian State University (Minsk, Belarus), Faculty of International Relations / J.D. with Honors

2014 "Copyright execise and protection" professional development programme of Saint Petersburg State University with Honors


Practicing lawyer since 2004

Practice Expertise

Anastasiya Semchenko began her professional career as an in-house counsel, and very quickly became the chief legal counsel of an international holding company. As the result of her professional achievements she become sophisticated in international private, general and corporate law, including advising on projects which involve among others different jurisdictions (the Netherlands, Switzerland, Cyprus, Hong Kong and China).

Anastasiya has a significant experience in preparing memorandums and legal opinions on all aspects of law arising in connection with commercial activities of a company, including inter alia the selection of the most efficient corporate structure, in advising on employment issues, including, but not limited to, terminating employment, in drafting and reviewing legal instruments necessary for the company’s day-to-day activities, as well as in advising on winding up procedure of a company.

Work Highlights:

  • Comprehensive legal supervisions of numerous deals, starting from legal advising and drafting of the necessary agreements and contracts, and all the way to supervising the proper performance of the parties' obligations under such deals;
  • Legal support in transactions for the sale/purchase of stocks/shares in the share capital of Russian and foreign companies, starting from the transaction planning and drafting required legal instruments and finishing by the completion of all necessary registration and other formalities;
  • Advising and preparing legal opinions on issues arising in connection with administrative and criminal proceedings regarding copyright infringement;
  • Representing Microsoft Corporation with respect to protection of the latter’s intellectual property rights upon the discovery and during the investigation and court hearing of arbitration, civil, administrative and criminal cases;
  • Drafting license agreements and agreements for creation of the intellectual property objects;
  • Advising and drafting many cooperation agreements, including consortium agreements, project, funds and asset management agreements with foreign companies;
  • Advising and preparing memorandum on different tax regulations of Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus, Netherlands, Cyprus, Hong Kong, etc, as well as representing clients in courts on various tax disputes;
  • Comprehensive legal assistance with respect to the project involving the contribution of a real estate into the share capital of a company, involving three jurisdictions, since the owner of the real estate was resident of one state, beneficiary company was incorporated in the other state, and the property was registered in a third state. During the realization of the project the laws of all three jurisdictions were triggered, and required coordination of the employees, management and tax advisers of all of the involved participants of the transaction;
  • Drafting and legal support with respect to agreements necessary for the implementation of the «YO-Mobile» project of Yarovit Holding Company and ONEXIM Group;
  • Drafting and legal supervision of the execution of the investment agreement related to the implementation of the investment projects in St. Petersburg on the production of new systems, units and components for the vehicles, organization of the vehicles and trucks assembly factory, legal support in relations between the investors and state authorities, legal assistance during the course of cooperation with the dealers;
  • Preparing a memorandum on the application of the laws of the Common State of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, budget and civil laws of the Russian Federation to the relations between the authority of the Common State of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus and a Russian company;
  • Preparing a memorandum for an Energy company on the procedure of technological connection to Moscow United Electric Grid Company’s electrical systems and execution of respective agreements;
  • Preparing a memorandum on rendering broker, expedition, agency and/or commission services under customs, civil and tax laws of the Russian Federation in order to minimize costs and effectively manage company’s business;
  • Preparing a memorandum on the laws of Russian Federation regulating fair competition, in particular, regarding participants with «dominant status» in the market;
  • Advising on court orders execution procedure, including the collection of bailiff’s fee;
  • Participation in the legal proceedings challenging the legality of the decision of the customs authority and collection of money. As the result of the supervisory complaint the Presidium of the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation reversed three previous court decisions, upheld the client’s claim and adjudicated customs authority to return the collected money to the client;
  • Preparing a memorandum on the procedure of registering shares with the Financial Market Federal Service, drafting documents and registering shares of the company, preparing and submitting necessary reports to the Financial Market Federal Service.


  • Russian
  • Belarusian
  • German
  • English