dmitrij-bohanPosition: Managing Partner

Corporate Law, Investments and Privatization, Real Estate and Construction, Tax

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Education and Qualification

  • 2008 Certified by the Institute for Retraining and Qualification Upgrading for Judges, Prosecutors and Legal Professionals at the Belarusian State University
  • 1994–1999 Belarusian State University (Minsk, Belarus), Law Faculty / J.D. with Honors


Practicing lawyer since 1996

Practice Expertise

Dmitry is the Managing Partner. Primal areas of practice are investments, corporate, including inter alia M&A, tax and customs. Has a significant experience in advising clients (both from private and public sector) on complex corporate affairs and managing multidisciplinary projects. Advised on numerous successfully implemented multi-million investments projects both in Belarus and abroad triggering multiple jurisdictions. Assisted many privatization and M&A initiatives across a full range of sectors, including many of the largest and well-publicized projects. Many international publications and ratings traditionally name his client-oriented skills, in-depth knowledge of law, profound experience and complex approach to problem-solving.

Work Highlights:

  • Advising Tetra Pak Services GmbH with respect to activities its activities in Belarus;
  • Legal assistance with respect to commercial activities and court representation of International Financial and Industrial Group Belrusavto;
  • Advising and court representation of Afin Leasing AG, an Austrian company and IVECO official dealer;
  • Advising on day-to-day matters, preparing various memorandums and legal opinion for EPAM Systems;
  • Advising on day-to-day matters of National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus;
  • Legal assistance with respect to commercial activities, investment projects, including for the construction of auto centers, administrative and other facilities, M&A projects and transactions of International Automobile Holding «Atlant-М» (Belarus, Russia, Ukraine), an official dealer of Volkswagen, Skoda, Mazda, Opel, Ford, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Land Rover, KIA, Renault and others;
  • Representing a Russian company in the economic courts of the Republic of Belarus under the claim seeking the collection of oil products in the aggregate amount exceeding USD 5 MLN, supervising the enforcement of judicial orders and disposal of the adjudicated property, including execution of agency agreements and supervision of the client with respect to its permanent establishment in Belarus;
  • Representing a German company in economic courts of the Republic of Belarus under the claim against Ministry of Tax and Duty of the Republic of Belarus, collection from the budget more than one million USD in favor of the client;
  • Legal supervision over several investment projects of the leading telecommunication service provider in Belarus (Velcom, TELECOM AUSTRIA);
  • Representing a Russian company in Russian courts in several court disputes arising in connection with rights to gas pipeline;
  • Legal supervision of the transactions involving promissory notes and representing the interests of one of the note holders in the latter’s relations with the promissory notes issuer — Norilsk Nickel;
  • Representing interests of one Russian company in the economic court under a claim seeking the collection of deposited money in the total amount exceeding USD 9 MLN from a Belarusian bank;
  • Legal support of the project on acquisition of a real estate in Moscow by a Belarusian company;
  • Representing Mercedes-Benz Leasing GmbH in economic courts of the Republic of Belarus under a claim in the amount of several million Euro;
  • Conducting legal due diligence of a big Belarusian retail chain for the purpose of further sale;
  • Analyzing agreements, preparing memorandums and legal opinions for Belavia National Airlines on the issues related to the purchase of aircrafts, as well as advising on a number of investment projects, including a cross border ones;
  • Legal supervision of Gazprom’s investment project on construction of a multifunctional complex in Minsk;
  • Legal support on establishing Belstankoinstrument Holding company in Belarus, engaging more than 16 enterprises of the industry in question, headed by MZOR JSC (as a managing company) and involving more than 9000 employees, legal assistance with respect to commercial activities of the holding company;
  • Legal supervision of the establishment of a jewelry holding company in the Republic of Belarus, engaging all enterprises in which state has a share (producers of jewelry, precious stones and metals, state jewelry retail chain);
  • Engaged as a project advisor in the ground-breaking project on creating a first Russian automobile with hybrid engine «YO-mobile» (in Russian «Ё-МОБИЛЬ») and construction of the pilot plant in St. Petersburg. Implementation of the initial stage, including the construction of the pilot plant was estimated at approximately EUR 150 MLN;
  • Comprehensive legal supervision of the project involving acquisition of a brewery plant in Bobruisk, the latter’s reconstruction and further sale to Heineken in 2008. The project involved USD 50 million;
  • Complex legal assistance with respect to acquisition of the juice plant in Bobruisk and its reconstruction involving USD 40 MLN- investments;
  • Comprehensive legal advice with respect to the project involving the construction of a new largest Belarusian plant producing household chemicals by a foreign investor. The amount of investments exceeds USD 25 million. The significance of our work in this deal is that we had to be the pioneers of preparing an investment agreement in accordance with the newly enacted Presidential Decree on foreign investments. As the result, the respective investment agreement was one of the first investment agreements executed by the Republic of Belarus and foreign investor under the new law after the approval and confirmation of all of the responsible state authorities.
  • Comprehensive legal support with respect to acquisition of a liquor plant in Gomel, Belarus with further reconstruction and installation of modern bottling technologies;
  • Legal assistance of the project involving USD 40 MLN-worth investments for the construction of one of the largest logistic centers. Under this project an investment agreement has been executed with the Republic of Belarus based on the decision of the Belarusian Government;
  • Legal assistance with respect to USD 15 MLN investment project involving the construction of the beverages production plant based on the investment agreement with the Republic of Belarus;
  • Legal supervision over the investment project involving approximately USD 3.5 million on construction of the asphalt-mix production plant based on the investment agreement with the Republic of Belarus;
  • Legal support with respect to the construction project involving EUR 150 MLN worth of foreign investments;
  • Comprehensive legal supervision of a USD 80 MLN project on the construction of multifunctional complex, including drafting the agreement for the design developments with a foreign architect company, adaptation of the project design by local architect, drafting the «turn-key» agreement with general contractor. This project is being implemented under an approved by the President investment agreement with the Republic of Belarus;
  • Legal assistance of the project on the sale of a foreign shareholder’s shares in a large shopping center;
  • Advising a foreign investor regarding a PPP project for the construction of Minsk beltway and respective infrastructure;
  • Comprehensive legal assistance, including drafting a turn-key construction agreement with a general contractor, with respect to the project a project on the construction of social and health care facilities accompanied by drafting the Presidential Decree N0 184 dd May 10, 2011 «On constructing yachting facilities and fitness center»);
  • Legal assistance in the project on design and construction of a five-star hotel in Minsk under an approved by the President of Belarus investment agreement with the Republic of Belarus;
  • Legal supervision of the construction project based on the intergovernmental agreement for the construction of nuclear power plant involving more than USD 9 BLN-worth investments;
  • Consulting, preparing memorandums and other legal documents for Minsk National Airport under a USD 600 MLN-worth investment project on construction of an international passenger terminal, paved runway and other facilities;
  • Preparing hundreds of different memorandums and legal opinions on various legal issues arising during the course of commercial activities.

Additional Information

  • Member of the Counsel of Commercial Lawyers at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus.
  • Dmitry Bokhan received the certificate of appreciation from the World Bank for the contribution to its Doing Business surveys.
  • Dmitry Bokhan was awarded The Best Legal Practice of Belarus 2010 in the Ministry of Justice Awards competition.
  • Certified to practice law by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus in 2003.


  • Russian
  • Belarusian
  • English


International publications and directories identify and rank Dmitry Bokhan among the leading Belarusian legal practitioners in general practice and dispute resolution:

  • CHAMBERS GLOBAL: the World’s Leading Lawyers Chambers Europe;
  • СHAMBERS EUROPE: Europe’s Leading Lawyers for Business;
  • The Legal 500 Europe, Middle East & Africa 2012;
  • International Financial Law Review’s Guide to the World’s Leading Financial Law firms (IFLR 1000);
  • PLC Which Lawyer?;
  • Who is Who Legal;
  • Best Lawyers.