dmitrij-labeckijPosition: Senior Associate

Corporate Law, Dispute Resolution, International Trade

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Education and Qualification

  • 2009 Certified to practice law by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus
  • 2002–2007 Belarusian State University (Minsk, Belarus), Law Faculty / J.D. with Honors


Practicing lawyer since 2005

Practice Expertise

Dmitry Labetsky has accumulated a vast experience in corporate law, including inter alia advising on the best choice of corporate structure when starting a business with detailed evaluation of all pros and cons with respect to specific type and nature of business, drafting standard founding and other corporate documents, as well as specific ones based on the client’s preferences, legislative or business peculiarities. He has numerously assisted on corporate transactions, starting from the initial evaluation of all possible options of the deal, drafting of the necessary legal instruments, internal corporate and other ancillary documents and all the way to supervising the proper completion of such transactions. Moreover, one of Dmitry’s principal areas of practice is representing domestic and international lessors under leasing transactions. Thus, he has a profound knowledge of law and court practice in this area.

Dmitry has numerously assisted execution, revision, performance and termination of leasing agreements, assignment agreements, novation agreements and a huge number of other documents necessary for carrying out leasing activity.

Dmitry participated in over than one hundred of litigation cases concerning protection of leasing companies rights and interests including the following categories of lawsuits: debt collection of leasing installments and interest thereof, collection of payment for the actual use of leased assets after termination of contracts and collection of the interests thereof, adjudicating the lessees to return the leased property, lessor’s representation in civil lawsuits initiated by lessees regarding the recovery of the repurchase value, etc. His knowledge, skills and experience resulted in issuance of more than 95% court decisions in favor of lease companies within civil lawsuits in which he has took part.

Work Highlights

  • Legal assistance on all issues related to licensing of different types of business activities, including preparing memorandums on licensing conditions and procedure, preparing, submitting and receiving documents necessary for the license application, amending the already issued licenses, supervising the extension of the license validity;
  • Legal advice on all kinds of issues arising out of employment: starting from consulting clients on employment-related matters and drafting employment contracts, notices, orders and all the way to conducting the negotiations and settling disputes and disagreements between the employer and employees, state authorities and labor unions;
  • Comprehensive representation of significant Belarusian, Russian and foreign companies in dozens of lawsuits under the disputes arising out of corporate, employment, civil (commercial), administrative and other areas of law, including drafting the statement of claim/defense, developing legal standpoint, analyzing and collecting evidence, court representation, defending or challenging issued court decisions in upper courts, organizing and supervising enforcement and execution procedure of court orders;
  • Preparing many memorandums and legal opinions on different legal issues arising in connection with doing business based on current laws, law enforcement and judicial practice, and offering the most efficient solutions to, sometimes, unsettled or disputable cases.

Additional Information

For many years has been a contributor to the World Bank’s Doing Business surveys, and received the certificates of appreciation for his contribution.

Certified to practice law by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus in 2009.


  • Russian
  • Belarusian
  • English