Dmitry Zaritsky

dmitrij-zarickijPosition: Managing Partner

Corporate Law, Dispute Resolution, Intellectual Property, Investments and Privatization, Real Estate and Construction, Tax

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Education and Qualification

  • 2009 Certified by the Institute for Retraining and Qualification Upgrading for Judges, Prosecutors and Legal Professionals at the Belarusian State University
  • 2001–2004 Belarusian State University (Minsk, Belarus), Law Faculty / Post Graduate Education
  • 1996–2001 Belarusian State University (Minsk, Belarus), Law Faculty / J.D. with Honors


Practicing lawyer since 1999

Practice Expertise

Since 2006 Dmitry provides overall and substantial legal services in leasing area on the territory of the Russian Federation. Dmitry is also known as one of the sophisticated litigators, who has successfully handled over 140 commercial disputes and bankruptcy cases throughout Russian Federation while protecting interests of foreign and Russian leasing companies arising in connection with non-performance or improper performance of the contractual obligations. Has been a legal adviser in numerous investment projects involving, among others, purchase and management of the real estate and debt restructuring.

Has a vast amount of experience in advising the clients on a variety of IP issues, including false advertising, trade mark, domain name and Internet regulations, e-commerce, anti-counterfeiting and copyright matters. His expertise also includes negotiations with potential IP infringers, representation of the client’s interests during the investigation of administrative and criminal offences, legal representation in administrative, civil and criminal cases arising in connection with the violation of IP and other related rights.

Work Highlights:

  • In series of litigations against Russian tax authorities seeking the return of VAT in the aggregate amount exceeding EUR 3 MLN successfully defended the interests of one of the largest Russian truck importers, and procured the return of the claimed amount out of the state budget;
  • Advising and court representation of Afin Leasing AG, an Austrian company and IVECO official dealer;
  • Representing a one large leasing company in numerous bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Legal supervision of the transaction for the purchase and further use of real estate in Russia by a foreign company;
  • Representing interests in the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation of a large Belarusian producer under the dispute with customs authorities arising in connection with illegal refusal to return the proceeds received from confiscated goods;
  • Representing the client during a complicated debt-settlement with participation of several banks and other related parties, drafting legal instruments and legal supervision of the implementation of the deal;
  • Advising Microsoft Corporation on the matters arising in connection with Informational Technology, legal supervision over the projects and day-to-day activities, consulting on protection of the intellectual property rights, representing the client in courts, in particular, a successful representation in the litigation proceedings in arbitration courts of the Russian Federation regarding the transfer of «» domain;
  • Preparing guides on intellectual property rights protection for different types of audience;
  • Legal assistance with respect to commercial activities and court representation of International Financial and Industrial Group Belrusavto;
  • Successful representation of Russian tax payers under the disputes with Russian tax authorities in connection with import from/export to Belarus and VAT deductions;
  • Participating in hundreds of proceedings in arbitration and common courts on all sorts of legal disputes;
  • Preparing hundreds of different memorandums and legal opinions on various legal issues arising during the course of commercial activities.

Additional Information

Certified to practice law by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus in 2004


  • Russian
  • Belarus
  • English


On competence of economic courts under the draft of the Economic Procedural Code of the Republic of Belarus//Newsletter of the Supreme Economic Court of the Republic of Belarus. 2003. № 21.