Elena Hmeleva highlights relevant queries on employment law


Elena Hmeleva, Senior Associate of Verkhovodko &Partners, comments that the current practice shows that Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 5 dated December 15, 2014 "On enhancement of requirements for management and other employees" provides many provisions which in fact protect employers. For example, an employer may:
- change essential terms of employment with merely seven days' prior notice (instead of giving a one month notice as previously required based on the Labor Code of Belarus);
- hold employees disciplinary liable by depriving them (in full or in part) of any kind of bonuses or premiums for up to 12 months;
- deduct from employees' salaries damages caused to an employer in the amount of up to 3 average monthly salaries, whereas the maximum deduction per month should not exceed 50 % of an employee's monthly salary.

Further, some other employment law changes allow employers to terminate those employees who have access to the employer's commercial secrecy and disclosed such information. For more information please read our presentation.

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