Nauchsoft Joint Company

Nauchsoft Joint Company (ScienceSoft Inc., has been retaining Verkhovodko & Partners (Businessconsult law firm until 2012) as its exclusive legal counsel since 1999. 

Verkhovodko & Partners has gained a reputation of a trusted partner that is able to solve any of the clients' legal problems effectively.  
The law firm demonstrates exemplary approach to solving our company's problems, which we consider to be top quality legal services meeting the highest European standards, namely:
A thorough understanding of the client's industry (in our case, information technology);
In-depth analysis of challenges the client faces and complex approach to overcoming them; 
Elaborating several options to resolve a problem with risk assessment of each and every solution; 
Focus on how to more efficiently achieve the clients' goals; 
Considering peculiarities of foreign jurisdictions, which is extremely important when doing business internationally;
A high level of professionalism, intelligence and friendliness.