The determining factor, when choosing Verkhovodko & Partners as Velcom's general legal counsel, was dedication of the highly qualified team not only to minimize the  legal risks, but primarily to offer comprehensive business-solutions, in which all risks have already been analyzed and thoroughly thought of, and, as the result, being the most efficient solution to the problem in hand. 

The possibility to receive complete on-line legal advice and willingness to assist on short notice in difficult negotiations on disputable issues — is exactly the level of legal support/assistance, which Verkhovodko & Partners offers. Multijurisdictional experience in advising businesses and proficiency of the law firm's partners assures you that there is always a solution to any problem, and the one which will be the most appropriate and beneficial to your business.
These are the core principles on which the cooperation between Velcom and Verkhovodko & Partners is based for many years.