Natural resources and energy, as well as their efficient use are one of the most important elements of any and every state economy.

Our lawyers have experience in implementing energy projects, as well as projects on developing and using natural resources.

We offer our clients a comprehensive set of legal services in this industrial sector, considering the requirements of corporate, civil, land, mining, wood, water, environmental, antitrust, tax, customs and other fields of law.


  • Analyzing and recommending the most efficient options, schemes, models, legal structures of the project related to extraction and use of natural resources and efficient energy use, drafting all of the necessary legal instruments
  • Advising on all aspects of project implementation regarding development, extraction and use of natural resources, including in combination with  the requirements of corporate, civil, land, mining, wood, water, environmental, antitrust, tax, customs and other fields of law;
  • Legal support with respect to M&A transactions, reorganizations, sale and purchase of shares, stock, assets of the companies involved in energy and natural resources management;
  • Drafting agreements and contracts with respect to extraction and use of energy and natural resources;
  • Representing in arbitration, economic courts and international arbitrations under the disputes related to energy, natural resources and environment.


  • Directorate for Nuclear Power Plant Construction State Enterprise — advising, preparing memorandums during the implementation of the construction project based on the intergovernmental agreement for the construction of nuclear power plant involving more than USD 9 BLN-worth investments;
  • A Major Foreign Energy Provider Company — legal assistance in drafting turn-key contracts on project design and construction of a thermal power plant in Ukraine;
  • A large international investor — drafting a concession agreement with respect to the object which is being constructed in Kazakhstan;
  • A joint venture — conducting a legal due diligence regarding the establishment and operation, preparing the transaction plan for the sale of the company triggering multiple jurisdictions, comprehensive legal advice on corporate and other issues to the owner of an oil pipeline terminal at Belarusian-Polish border;
  • Naftan — legal supervision over the project of the largest Belarusian oil refinery;
  • A large international mining company — advising on receiving a concession for the development of natural resources, structure of business presence in Belarus;
  • An Energy Company — preparing a memorandum on the procedure of technological connection to Moscow United Electric Grid Company’s electrical systems and execution of respective agreements;
  • A large Russian company — Advising with respect to running tests of secondary distribution switchgear in Belarus;
  • Gas transmission organization — preparing a memorandum on the contractual relations between the Russian employer and a contractor under a «turn-key» contract for the construction of gas and condensate pipelines involving more than USD 50 MLN-worth investments.