Verkhovodko & Partners has accumulated solid experience in domestic and foreign investment projects, and offers its clients comprehensive business-oriented solutions for the implementation of different projects.

Our experts have a vast investment practice enabling the clients to compete in today’s challenging economic climate, including conducting Legal Due Diligence of target companies, assessment of the optimal structure of investments, solving the problems of corporate, investment, monetary, customs, tax, finance, labor and other law, and legalizing of all investment processes, and completion of investment contracts, documenting and supervising the course of performance of all investment procedures and achieved results.

We are well experienced in drafting legislative acts related to investment activities.

Our team pays specific attention to assisting state privatization projects, which today attract special attention of entrepreneurs from former USSR territories.

Verkhovodko & Partners actively participates in organization and conduction of the different investments forums, and continues to take efforts in order to provide potential foreign investors with high-quality legal advice.

Our company has particular expertise in the implementation of large investments projects in energy, industry, telecommunication, aviation, oil processing and transportation, construction, banking and other fields of the economy, including a lot of acquisitions of shares of commercial entities.

This experience allows us to understand different forms and aspects of foreign investment and provide the best advice to our clients on the most difficult and problematic questions.

We possess vast experience in advising on taxation, tax optimization, implementation of double taxation treaties and the tax presence of foreign companies in Belarus, which enables full compliance with legal requirements and avoidance of sanctions for non-payment of taxes.

We provide the full range of services in the field of investment from selection of the optimal form of implementation to practical accomplishment, including the protection of the investor's rights and interests in court and arbitration.

We do not leave our clients after the execution of their investments and continue to assist with our consulting on all legal issues related to their commercial activities.

We render a comprehensive legal support to investors and other involved parties, including, but not limited to:

  • Representing the clients in state and other authorities;
  • Legal Due Diligence of the investment objects;
  • Determining the optimal structures for the implementation of investment projects and procedures, their stages and phases;
  • Comprehensive advising and legal support on corporate, investment, currency, customs, tax, finance, banking, employment and other issues arising in connection with the implementation of the investment projects;
  • Drafting and executing investment agreements, documenting and legal supervision of all investment procedures and results;
  • Drafting legislative acts related to investment activities;
  • Legal supervision of the state property privatization process at all execution stages;
  • Documenting and supervising the results of the investment activities;
  • Developing the most efficient model for the implementation of the construction and/or real estate  projects, including best corporate structure for the asset management , advice on corporate, investments, tax, customs laws and regulations, payment settlements, foreign currency control and regulations;
  • Advising on all legal aspects related to land, design and construction, sale and purchase of real estate;
  • Drafting contracts and agreements related to land, design, construction, reconstruction, sale, management of real estate, legal supervision of different transactions;
  • Legal support with respect to selection, allocation, lease or acquisition of land, land rezoning;
  • Advising on matters related to project designing, development and correction of the design and budget documentation;
  • Legal supervision over the construction, reconstruction, commissioning of different real estate facilities;
  • Legal due diligence of real estate facilities;
  • Representing the clients in the courts under the disputes arising in connection with land, design, construction and disposal of real estate, as well as in connection with investment activities.


  • Gazprom transgaz Belarus — acting as a legal adviser of the investment project regarding the construction of Gazprom head office in Minsk;
  • Directorate for Nuclear Power Plant Construction State Enterprise — legal supervision of the construction project based on the intergovernmental agreement for the construction of nuclear power plant involving more than USD 9 BLN-worth investments;
  • Minsk National Airport — consulting, preparing memorandums and other legal documents under a USD 600 MLN-worth investment project on construction of an international passenger terminal, paved runway and other facilities;
  • YO-mobile — engaged as a project advisor in the ground-breaking project of Onexim and Yarovit Holdings on creating a first Russian automobile with hybrid engine «YO-mobile» (in Russian «Ё-МОБИЛЬ»);
  • Belstankoinstrument Holding — legal support on establishing Belstankoinstrument Holding in Belarus, engaging more than 16 enterprises of the industry in question, headed by MZOR JSC (as a managing company) and involving more than 9000 employees, legal assistance with respect to commercial activities of the holding;
  • Belarusian Jewelry Holding — legal supervision of the establishment of a jewelry holding in the Republic of Belarus, engaging all enterprises in which state has a share (producers of jewelry, precious stones and metals, state jewelry retail chain);
  • Syabar Brewing Company — comprehensive legal supervision of the project involving acquisition of a brewery plant in Bobruisk, the latter’s reconstruction and further sale to Heineken. The project involved USD 50 million;
  • A juice plant in Bobruisk — a complex legal assistance with respect to acquisition of the juice plant in Bobruisk and its reconstruction involving USD 40 MLN- investments;
  • Plant on producing household chemicals — comprehensive legal advice with respect to the project involving the construction of a new largest Belarusian plant producing household chemicals by a foreign investor. The amount of investments exceeds USD 25 million. The significance of our work in this deal is that we had to be the pioneers of preparing an investment agreement in accordance with the newly enacted Presidential Decree on foreign investments. As the result, the respective investment agreement was one of the first investment agreements executed by the Republic of Belarus and foreign investor under the new law after the approval and confirmation of all of the responsible state authorities;
  • A large retail chain — conducting a Legal due diligence of a large Belarusian retail chain for the purposes of the further sale to a foreign investor;
  • Liquor Plant — a comprehensive legal support with respect to acquisition of a liquor plant in Gomel, Belarus with further reconstruction and installation of modern bottling technologies;
  • A large logistic center (Logistic Center «South-West») — legal assistance of the project involving USD 40 MLN-worth investments for the construction of one of the largest logistic centers. Under this project an investment agreement has been executed with the Republic of Belarus based on the decision of the Belarusian Government;
  • A beverages production plant — legal assistance with respect to USD 15 MLN investment project involving the construction of the beverages production plant based on the investment agreement with the Republic of Belarus;
  • A asphalt-mix production plant — legal supervision over the investment project involving approximately USD 3.5 million on construction of the asphalt-mix production plant based on the investment agreement with the Republic of Belarus;
  • A construction materials production plant — legal support with respect to the construction project involving EUR 150 MLN worth of foreign investments;
  • Multifunctional complex, including a five-star hotel (Hermes Construction) — comprehensive legal supervision of a USD 80 MLN project on the construction of multifunctional complex, including drafting the agreement for the design developments with a foreign architect company, adaptation of the project design by local architect, drafting the «turn-key» agreement with general contractor. This project is being implemented under an approved by the President investment agreement with the Republic of Belarus;
  • PPP project — served as a project advisor in an initiative on constructing transportation infrastructure (an orbital motorway and development of motorway networks and specific road infrastructure) under the public private concession agreement involving approximately several billion Euro;
  • A large public company — legal support of the project involving acquisition of a large real estate, whereas the purchase price was exceeding several million Euro;
  • Social and Health Care Facilities Complex — comprehensive legal assistance with respect to the project a project on the construction of social and health care facilities accompanied by drafting the Presidential Decree N0 184 dd May 10, 2011 "On constructing yachting facilities and fitness center") with further execution of the investment agreement with Belarus;
  • Yarovit Holding — drafting and legal supervision of the execution of the investment agreement related to the implementation of the investment projects in St. Petersburg on the production of new systems, units and components for the vehicles, organization of the vehicles and trucks assembly factory, legal support in relations between the investors and state authorities, legal assistance during the course of cooperation with the dealers;
  • A Major Foreign Energy Provider Company — legal assistance in drafting turn-key contracts on project design and construction of a thermal power plant in Ukraine under FIDIC (SILVER BOOK);
  • A large international investor — drafting a concession agreement with respect to the object which is being constructed in Kazakhstan;
  • Velcom (the leading telecommunication service provider in Belarus), TELECOM AUSTRIA — legal supervision over several investment projects;
  • Naftan — legal support with respect to investment projects of one of the largest oil- processing enterprise;
  • A large international mining company — advising on receiving a concession for the development of natural resources, structure of business presence in Belarus;
  • Belavia National Airlines — analyzing agreements, preparing memorandums and legal opinions on the issues related to the purchase, leasing, lease, insurance of aircrafts, Informational Technologies, as well as advising on a number of investment projects, including related to construction and real estate;
  • NTS  — assisting the client in an M&A initiative in connection with its acquisition of seven shopping centers with the total area of 4 thousand square meters.