Verkhovodko & Partners offers a broad range of services related to asset management in the Republic of Belarus in order to procure cost-efficient use of investors' property and financial resources. 

Considering the fact that our employees are all qualified lawyers, we are well aware which legal steps and when such steps need to be taken in order to assure proper asset protection. The contracts that we conclude and our actions are always correspond to client’s legislation and concerns.

We offer asset management services as a cradle-to-grave comprehensive set of services. As a result there is no need for the Client to employ a team of managers (CEOs, accountants etc.), instead the Client has the single reference - Verkhovodko & Partners LLС. 

Our legal services are subject to licensing, and we pay specific attention to professional ethics when rendering our services. Our reputation is very important to us, and we never deceive our partners. Our Clients put trust in our company and would gladly share their feedback with respect to our work.

Our fees are comparable to and in some cases even less than the investor's regular expenses for engaging personnel (the fee for the asset management services depends on the quantity of managing assets – total area, number of assets, number of tenants and other factors that affect input of the asset manager). 

We offer a comprehensive set of legal services with respect to asset management, including, but not limited to:

  • Performing functions of the company's manager (CEO);
  • Asset protection from improper management risks; 
  • Rental payment management;
  • Accounting and financial reporting;
  • Statistical reporting;
  • Managing all contracts (execution of maintenance contracts, lease agreements, rendering other asset-related services, coordination with tenants and other parties); 
  • Invoice management, rental collection, including court debt collection;
  • Comprehensive asset management legal assistance, including legal supervision of the commercial activities of a Belarusian company, its founding documents, advising with respect to assets ownership and disposal, as well as most efficient tax planning;
  • Asset Management Reporting;
  • Summoning and conducting General Meetings of the company's shareholders, representing Clients during the General Meetings, drawing documents (allocation of dividends, foreign currency control, etc.), other related services.