Tax planning is one of the key areas of any project – trade, corporate, investment, etc. Thus, we analyze tax issues from different perspectives and offer our clients the most efficient taxation solutions right from the beginning of any project. In order to offer such solutions we closely cooperate with auditors who have the required specific industry knowledge.

Based on our experience we recommend our clients ways to optimize taxation burden when triggering several jurisdictions, which is vital when determining the corporate structure of asset managements.

Our team gives comprehensive and detailed advices to clients on any day-to-day and strategic taxation matters, as well as on taxation status of foreign companies in the Republic of Belarus.

Our advice is always within what we consider as the cornerstone of the stable and successful activity of each investor.

We have also accumulated sound experience of protecting the interests of our clients in tax litigation in the courts of Belarus.

We provide a comprehensive set of legal services with respect to tax matters, including, but not limited to:

  • Advising on taxation;
  • Legal review of transactions, agreements, business and corporate structures, assets acquisitions, different types of revenues and proceeds, mergers and acquisitions, investment and other projects from the perspective of tax law, including in multiple jurisdictions, minimizing tax risks;
  • Representing the clients under tax disputes in tax and other competent authorities, including preparing for and exercising the out of court means of challenging the results of tax inspections, as well as in courts, in particular under the claims seeking the invalidity or illegality of acts, actions and omissions, the return of unfairly collected money.


  • A large public company — legal support of the project involving acquisition of a large real estate, whereas the purchase price was exceeding several million Euro, as the result of which the client achieved significant tax optimizations;
  • An international company offering management, technology and outsourcing services — preparing a comprehensive memorandum, including inter alia the description of possible options for rendering professional services, peculiarities of managing and keeping accounting and tax records by outsourcing companies;
  • EPAM Systems, Inc. — advising on tax and other legal issues;
  • A Russian company — advising on tax issues, representing interests in arbitration courts under tax disputes, including with respect to the return of the VAT;
  • A German company — representing the company in economic courts of the Republic of Belarus under the claim against Ministry of Tax and Duty of the Republic of Belarus, collection from the budget more than one million USD in favor of the client;
  • Schelcovo Agrokhim — legal support with respect regarding the client’s permanent establishment, representing interests in tax authorities.