Verkhovodko & Partners has accumulated solid experience in the field of Belarusian labor legislation. Our experience is based on our knowledge of the practical implementation and interpretation of labor legislation by competent state authorities.

Our lawyers will advise you on how to best draft an employment contract, terminate the employment relations, pay compensations, hold the employee’s liable for the offences and reimbursement of damages, and on many other issues related to employing personnel.

The team is also aware about the peculiarities which foreign companies and their representative offices face in Belarus when employing expatriates, and is more than happy to share the knowledge and experience with you.


  • advising on all employment-related matters;
  • legal review of employment records, discovering violations and possible risks of non-compliance with labor law;
  • drafting, revising and analyzing employment agreements, contracts, arrangements, records, by-laws, including with profession safety policies, assignment of rights with respect to job assignments, development of corporate policies, including corporate ethics, secrecy, employment remuneration and bonuses;
  • legal support with respect to hiring and firing employees, including as the result of layoffs, leasing and transfer of employees with minimum tax burden, assisting in receiving work permits and engaging expatriates;
  • advising on employment relations with the employees of branches and other companies divisions;
  • advising on material liability and compensation of damages;
  • drafting by-laws and other internal corporate documents;
  • adopting the internal policies and rules of international companies and corporations in order to comply with domestic legislative requirements;
  • advising on HR management;
  • representing the clients in courts with respect to employment disputes.


  • Foreign companies — adopting the internal policies and rules of international companies and corporations in order to comply with domestic legislative requirements;
  • Foreign companies — drafting necessary employment contracts and agreements with CEOs, head of the representative offices and employees;
  • A Large managing company — a successful removal of the CEO of the company at the initiative of shareholders holding less than 50% of the voting shares;
  • A Belarusian company — a successful implementation of the project aiming at extending the powers of the CEO after the expiration of the employment contract.