Verkhovodko & Partners pays specific attention and has considerable experience in rendering legal assistance with respect to Informational Technology and Internet industries. In particular, we have been involved in the projects related to the establishment of info parks and telecommunication networks. Our team is constantly assisting Internet providers, e-commerce, mobile and satellite communication companies.

During the course of implementation of projects related to IT and Internet, we provide legal advice covering many areas, including, but not limited to, on the appropriate legal instruments, licensing, financial settlements, as well as proper protection of the client’s intellectual property.

The firm offers a broad range of services related to registration of the intellectual property rights, drafting different agreements, complex advice on protection of copyright and other aspects of intellectual property.


  • advising on all matters arising in connection with Informational Technology and Internet resources, including licensing and compliance with the applicable law;
  • advising on issues related to placing ads and information on Internet and other informational resources;
  • complex advice on all matters related to intellectual property, including, customs clearance, bookkeeping, taxation, cross border transactions, corporate rules and policies, commercial secrets;
  • drafting and legal assistance with respect to contracts and agreements including copyright, license agreements, assignment contracts,  including know how, agreements on creation, use and protection of the intellectual property (trademarks, inter alia), research and development, software development, franchising;
  • assisting the registration of the rights, trademarks and other intellectual property objects;
  • protection of copyright and associated intellectual property rights, representing clients in state authorities and bodies, as well as in courts.


  • BSA (Business Software Alliance) — advising with respect to protection of the rights of the members of the alliance with respect to intellectual property, legal supervision over the projects and day-to-day activities, representing the client in courts;
  • Microsoft Corporation — advising on the matters arising in connection with Informational Technology, legal supervision over the projects and day-to-day activities, consulting on protection of the intellectual property rights, representing the client in courts, in particular, a successful representation in the litigation proceedings in arbitration courts of the Russian Federation regarding the transfer of «windows.ru» domain;
  • Gazprom transgaz Belarus — advising on the assignment of intellectual property rights;
  • EPAM Systems, Inc. — day-to-day advising regarding the Informational Technology, intellectual property, taxation and other legal aspects;
  • Inmarsat — consulting the international satellite telecommunications company regarding the legal environment for rendering satellite telecommunication services in Belarus;
  • Velcom (the leading telecommunication service provider in Belarus), TELECOM AUSTRIA — legal supervision over several Informational Technology projects;
  • A Belarusian Internet Technologies Development company — drafting agreements and other legal assistance necessary for the launch and functioning of the website, offering innovative technologies for webcasting, creating a web call center, broadcasting webinars and training seminars, web conferencing and arranging other types of online business meetings;
  • Atlant Telecom — advising an various issues arising during the course of business activities of the largest private Internet-provider in Belarus;
  • YO-mobile — engaged as a project advisor in the ground-breaking project on creating a first Russian automobile with hybrid engine «YO-mobile» (in Russian «Ё-МОБИЛЬ») and construction of the pilot plant in St. Petersburg. Implementation of the initial stage, including the construction of the pilot plant was estimated at approximately EUR 150 million;
  • Day-to-day advice on issues arising in connection with establishment, use, protection, assignment and transfer of the intellectual property rights.